Providence Hoot Adventure (or one of the coolest nights ever!)




Thursday afternoon; Todd and I have spent the day shooting product.  Its hard to believe we are actually engaged in putting a business together!  The day looks like this:  wake around 8, meditate, stretch, take a hot bath with my latte and put on some leggings and a comfortable tunic…skip the makeup but add some jewelry because…that’s the way I roll;  jewelry even in yoga and ballet class, jewelry at the beach, jewelry at the bar, jewelry in bed…you get the picture…..

… we we have moved to a new address.  To continue reading about the “Providence Hoot Adventure”, follow the link to .   Please follow me there for ongoing adventures in Finding Your Cool….  

The Cool Manifesto…


Sometimes I can be a slow learner…

As most of my readers and friends know, I left my job at Donna Karan in the early fall of 2011.  I closed up my apartment in Cambridge, put all of my possessions in a storage POD and, in the first week of January 2012, climbed aboard a container ship headed for Asia and went off to find some adventures.

And I did find some cool adventures….(to be continued here…)

So I want to take this moment to thank you; who read my blog, followed along, and made me feel less alone as I journeyed around the world and back again.  I am deeply grateful!  For me, it has been…epic, life changing, and although the world may not have changed much, I see everything in different colors than before.  I see more clearly the abundance of my life and conscious gratitude is now part of every waking thought.  The journey continues for me as it does for us all;  I have moved to Providence, practiced yoga and meditation while I rested, recovered and began to assimilate my experience; began the process of understanding how life goes forward from here.  I met a wonderful man whose feet are on the same path in the same place and time as mine and we have decided to walk together for a while, I moved again; this time into a new apartment large enough to accommodate his two young sons.  Now we are beginning a process of creation.  What, you may ask, are we creating?  Sometimes we are asking ourselves the same question. Sometimes we have no answer.  And other times we seem to think we know exactly what it is.  But to summarize, we are creating a life and businesses that will embody and blend together the elements most important to us;  art, creativity, spirituality, yoga, dance, travel, sustainability, justice, gratitude and love… and we intend to have fun.  And although I may be more authentically myself, I am still myself so, of course there will still be fashion and style…we are in truth, trying to find our cool…. So the story continues at  I hope you will come along.

With gratitude, still falling…


Wan’na Play?


January comes around and I have an entire New Year’s resolution/to-do list.  After all, I’ve been playing full-time for a little over two years now.  And I’ve begun wondering if I need to begin thinking about doing something serious?  I really don’t wan’na, but do I have to? What comes next?

I’ve circumnavigated most of the globe, and pretty thoroughly circumnavigated my interior landscape; practiced Bikram yoga 4-5 times a week; I spent eight days in complete silence and meditation followed by six weeks intensive language school in Spain; I’ve visited ten countries, swam in all but one of the possible oceans – and I don’t think I’m ever going to voluntarily swim in the Artic Ocean- as well as several of the seven seas.  I’ve even encountered a man who checks-off practically every box on my lengthy, aspirational, ‘what am I looking for in a lover/partner’ list; and he even manages to come up with new ones I hadn’t thought of earlier that are very cool!  I’ve had a couple of busy years; epic years.

So, as I said, January comes around and I find myself rested, refreshed, rejuvenated and resolute(?), and asking this question: “Is there a limit to the amount of time I can spend playing?”  The old, frightened buzz-kill voice inside answers:  “ Well there is certainly a limit to how much time you can continue to spend money without earning any!”  But really (ignoring buzz-kill for the moment…); after all of this life-upheaval and adventure: what comes next?


The list  of things I wan’na be, do and have is extensive: finish moving in furnishing and decorating the new pad, set up an eBay account, sell half of my clothes (at least!); build a website, build a style consulting business; reconnect with friends I haven’t seen in the past couple of years, finish writing my book, write my blog, write in my journal, more yoga (yeah, yeah, lose a few pounds), meditate; study more Spanish – in Spain if possible; study art history, add some design classes, begin to research the design projects that have been incubating in my mind for the past couple of years during idle time riding trains, busses and ferries through territories familiar and unfamiliar, find time to travel more…not to mention some “Desire Mapping” to ensure that my ‘goals have soul’….

Intermingled with all of this ‘I wanna’ stuff, are my soul- inspired philosophical ideas about being in flow – as opposed to striving; showing my gratitude for such abundance in my life by paying forward/paying back, living a more ecologically sustainable life, living more consistently in accord with my authentic ethical/spiritual beliefs; most importantly, living up to the true creative magic that I am still discovering exists at the core of who we all are.

So I look at this extensive list of ‘New Year, new goal’ stuff and notice that, for the first time in my life, I am not completely overwhelmed by the amount of time and energy that will be required to accomplish some reasonable fraction of those goals. Nor do I feel that oppressive sense of possible failure that I have always felt in conjunction with New Years resolutions in the past.  Why?

Hey look!  There is no: “stop doing this; eating, drinking spending, blah, blah, blah”…  There is no “you must do this thing you hate doing”.  There is no-dollar value attached (although I do hope I will be able to continue eating regularly).  There is only a list of ideas that inspire me, that fill my heart with joy and possibility.  Everything on my ‘New Year’s Resolution’ list is just more play; more creativity, more art, more connection.

Which brings me back to the question: is it really possible to make these things the entire focus of life?  Is it possible to spend one’s life in play?

Wan’na find out?

Control: Or, saying good-bye to your inner grown-up…


I like to pretend that I have a plan in all of this, but the truth is that there has never really been a plan.Oh, there was the outline of a plan when I decided to take a break in my career.  I made that decision in March of 2010 and began planning my exit strategy.  During that time it seemed as if everything was working synergistically with my plan;  circumstances arose to improve my financial position, friends and family supported my decision, relationships – both business and personal – unfolded in ways that supported and sustained my desire to leave and travel.  Most importantly, no matter what my head was telling me, no matter what doubts I entertained, my heart was consistent, passionate, clear;  my intention never wavered, each step followed the next, naturally, easily; and then I climbed aboard a container ship in Long Beach… Continue reading

Young World Inventors: Step It Up! by Diane Hendrix — Kickstarter

Want to feel good today?  Take a look at what these young inventors are up to.

Diane Hendrix, a documentary filmmaker living in Boston has been filming mini-documentaries about the creativity and ingenuity of some young people in Africa.  Their inventions, combining high and low tech to address some of the practical problems of living are totally inspiring…

Young World Inventors: Step It Up! by Diane Hendrix — Kickstarter.

And please support!

A Total Disruption: Ondi Timoners Portal For Innovators by Ondi Timoner — Kickstarter

Something amazing is happening.

And the world as we know it may be coming to an end.  You can see it everywhere.  I hesitate to call it a renaissance…oh, okay, let’s call it a renaissance….possibly a renaissance of the individual?  But this is no mere act of selfishness we are witnessing.  It is an individualism far more profound than that.  Look anywhere and you can see it; a cultural groundswell.  Instead of asking “How can I get a whole bunch of stuff for myself and live the good life?”, people, especially young people, are asking new questions;  “What is my gift, my true art?”  and “How can I use that gift to create a better world?”.   It is an individualism coupled with an unprecedented sense of empowerment; the idea that any person can take an idea and use it to change the world.

Is it possible that we are leaving behind us the alienation and powerlessness of the past few decades?  Of course I have always been a hopeless romanticist and optimist; all of my friends know this.  But in the context of my own life, romanticism and optimism have served me well.  Join me.  Join us.

And if we manage to live the good life at the same time?  I don’t mind….

A Total Disruption: Ondi Timoners Portal For Innovators by Ondi Timoner — Kickstarter.

And thank you to the “Jay Calderin Daily”  ( for sharing.


Someone took a picture of my son yesterday afternoon. There was no sense of voyeurism here, but in the way that such things happen during the immediate, frantic aftermath, it found its way to me. He is running into the middle of the street, his face, his body, all of his customary elegance gone, replaced by….something else I cannot describe, something haunting. All around him, carnage…

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